Maple Balsamic Reserve

Picture of Maple Balsamic Reserve
Using real 100% pure maple syrup produced at a small family farm in Vermont, this balsamic is outrageously good! Think pancakes, waffles, glazing bacon, pork chops, ice cream dressings, marinades, chocolate, cake, fruit, etc. Available in 3 sizes, starting at $8.50.


Perfect Pairing: 

Pair with Natural Butter EVOO, Blood Orange EVOO, or any of our unflavored extra virgin olive oils.

Suggested Meats & Veggies:

Beef, pork, poultry, wild game, waterfowl, lamb, salmon. Delicious over sweet potatoes or Brussels sprouts.


Homemade Vinaigrette Preparation:

Combine 2 parts Olive Oil with 1 part Maple Balsamic.  Whisk together and serve.  To emulsify, dab in a small amount of Dijon mustard or light mayo and continue whisking. Oil and balsamic will become creamy in appearance. Refrigerate remaining amount for up to 3 days.

Balsamic Marinade: 

Combine equal parts olive oil with equal parts Maple Balsamic. Prepare enough to cover the meat.  Place in zip-lock bag and squeeze out air. Place in refrigerator for at least six hours.

Note for fish & seafood: Since the acidity of the vinegar can "cook" the delicate meat, it's best to omit it from the marinade. Instead, rub the olive oil alone into the raw meat for approximately 30 minutes. After cooking, toss/drizzle meat with combination of Olive Oil and Balsamic.

Heat Applications: Applying heat to any oil or balsamic may slightly reduce the original flavor profile.  To bring back any lost flavors prepare a small amount of fresh marinade and drizzle over the finished product.

Balsamic Reduction Method:

If you desire a thicker balsamic to use as a glaze or reduction, then simply heat two times the amount needed in a small sauce pan over medium to medium-high heat, stirring constantly.  As the balsamic starts to reduce it will pull to the sides of the pan.  Remove reduction from heat just prior to desired thickness as the balsamic will continue to reduce until cooled. Or reduce to desired thickness and place reduction in bowl over an ice bath. In general, 1/4 cup will reduce to approximately 50% within 3-5 minutes. Reductions or glazes can be used as BBQ sauces, finishing glazes for fish, or drizzled over ice cream.


Recipe Suggestion:

Sweet Maple Pasta with Walnuts



1 lb. angel hair pasta

¼ cup sugar

Maple Balsamic, to taste

Walnuts, to taste

Raisins, to taste

Sour Cream, to taste



Boil pasta in salted water, adding ¼ cup sugar. Boil until done. Heat large pan and add balsamic. Add walnuts and raisins to pasta and toss. Plate pasta. Add a dollop of sour cream and serve warm.