Anne Deming


Her amazing vocals, abundant musical energy, and sense of humor keep people coming back for more. Anne plays folk, rock, blues, and country - something for every music lover.

 Anne's voice cannot be contained in one little CD. We recommend you see her live performance.

- Mei Young & Jody Fox, KQ Homegrown Show

About the Artist

Anne Deming is among the many acoustic rock/folk artists in the Twin Cities area. Quite honestly, this style is nothing that has not been heard countless times before. To stand out in this genre mostly dominated by solo guitar playing, you need a distinctive, better than average voice. Deming has it and it puts her well above the masses of mediocrity.

Seductive and confessional are the adjectives that come to mind when describing these songs. Dealing with life, love, and accompanying emotions, Deming has a voice that would go over as well as any of the main acts at Lilith Fair. If the “sounds like” comparison must be made, I would say she comes close to a more angelic Natalie Merchant. Standout tracks include the blues oriented “Not The One” and “Talk Me Down”, a track that nails the power and delicateness of Deming’s voice and lyrics alike. Saving, arguably, the best for last, “Bring Me Happiness” is a gospel-flavored number sung a cappella. Kept tastefully short, it is a good sounding disc.

So what do Natalie Merchant and Sarah MacLachlan have that Deming doesn’t? A major label record deal. . .that’s pretty much it.

- Pulse of the Twin Cities 9.20.00
written by David Rangel

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